March 26, 2023

First Home Savings Account & Other Home Buyer Rebates

We wanted to let you know about the new First Home Saving Account, and remind you of the Home Buyer's Amount Tax Credit, in addition to, other valuable home owner and buyer rebates and incentives.

First Home Savings Account

Qualifying first-time buyers can contribute up to $8,000 yearly ...

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April 27, 2020

Minimum Mortgage Down Payment Requirements in Canada | Updated 2021

So, you're thinking of buying a home in BC, Canada and you're wondering how much money you'll require for your minimum down payment. Well, below are some general rules to get you started.

Canadians & Permanent Residents Working / Residing in Canada

Purchasing a Primary Residence

  • Purchase price ...
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April 2, 2020

Best Vancouver Food, Grocery and Alcohol Delivery Services | 2020 & 2021

As many of us are staying home these days, we thought you'd enjoy this list of the best food and alcohol delivery services in Vancouver BC. The list includes companies delivering prepared meals (both cooked food and uncooked dinners, lunches and breakfast items), as well as, grocery and alcohol ...

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March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Financial Support for B.C. & Canadian Residents

COVID-19 Financial Support Services for BC Canada ResidentsWe know many British Columbians and Canadians are experiencing financial and emotional strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we wanted to help by sharing the following aid for mortgages, rent, hydro, finances and more (please feel free to forward this information to friends and family).

Homeowners & Landlords

  • Mortgage ...
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Aug. 27, 2018

Change of Address Checklist

Change of Address Checklist for MovingWell, you've found your perfect home and now you're getting ready to move. But have you contacted everyone to update them with your new address? Not a problem! We've created a handy change of address checklist so you won't miss anyone. View our free change of ...

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Nov. 22, 2016

Free Home Buyer and Seller Guides

Enjoy our free home buyer guide or our free home seller guide. Learn everything you need to know about buying and selling a home in B.C. 

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Nov. 2, 2016

List of Best Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Wondering which Vancouver neighbourhoods are the best to live in?

Well search no further. Before you buy a home, review Vancouver Magazine's list of the top Vancouver neighbourhoods to live. Some may surprise you!

Top 10 Vancouver Neighbourhoods:

Click the neighbourhood to view more information.

  1. False Creek
  2. West End
  3. Lynn ...
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Sept. 9, 2016

When it Comes to Offers, it’s Not Always about Price

When considering which of two or more competing offers to accept for your home, there is no doubt price plays a huge role. After all, if Offer #1 is $10,000 higher than Offer #2, that’s an enticing difference that puts thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.

However, price ...

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Sept. 3, 2016

30 Top Home Staging Tips

If you're thinking of selling your home, check out these 30 home staging tips from HGTV, and make sure to download our app to find trusted professionals to help with the job!

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July 9, 2016

Should You Sell Your Home First and Buy Later? Or Vice-Versa?

When you’re thinking of selling your home and buying another, you face the inevitable question: Should I list my property first or buy my new home first?

Let’s take a look at both options.
If you attempt to buy a property before listing your home, you run into a ...

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