So you've bought a new home or sold your existing home.  Now is a good time to create a plan to organize your move and begin packing.

Start by purchasing or acquiring suitable containers.  Most moving companies have specialized containers you can buy or rent.  There are even environmentally friendly companies which offer reusable plastic containers you can rent (for example Frog Box). Also, speak with others who have recently moved — they may be looking to get rid of boxes.  You’ll need the following:  small boxes for heavy items (books, tools, etc.); large boxes for bulky items (bedding, stuffed toys, etc.); medium boxes for bulky but less heavy items (towels, small appliances, etc.).

Collect Packing Materials

  • Decide which items you’ll need from the following checklist:
  • White paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper towels
  • Newspapers
  • Non-printed paper
  • Packing tape or twine to seal boxes and containers
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Labels and stickers (available from your moving company)
  • Felt marker to label boxes
  • Notebook and pen for listing contents

Tips for Packing

  • Start packing early (at least a few weeks before your move).
  • Set goals and deadlines for yourself.  Aim, for example, to pack one room per week.
  • Begin by packing items which are not being used such as items in storage, seasonal clothes, special occasion dishware, old toys, sporting goods, extra blankets and towels, canned food, infrequently used small kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Pack heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top.
  • Pack small items in coloured paper so they are not accidently discarded with the wrapping paper.
  • Ensure boxes close easily, sealed and tops are flat.  This will allow them to be stacked on top of each other.
  • Attach a list of contents to each box.
  • To reduce injuries, do not make the boxes too heavy.  Also pack them on a table so you are not bent over.
  • Pack the things separately which you'll want available on the first couple of days.  This will prevent you from searching multiple boxes looking for the essentials.
  • Separate and label boxes to be placed in storage.
  • Place containers of liquid in a sealed bag before packing.
  • Label boxes which are fragile.
  • Consider holding a garage sale to rid yourself of excess belongings.
  • Begin to use up the food in your pantry and freezer.  Let the food you already have dictate your menus.
  • Have rugs cleaned that are to be moved, then roll and wrap them.
  • Make special arrangements for the moving of plants, pets, plus valuable and fragile items.
  • Water plants a day or two before the move so they do not leak.
  • Collect all personal items from local services (dry cleaning, storage, photos).
  • Take inventory of all the boxes, and contents of the boxes, you have packed.
  • Have your car serviced and tuned up.
  • Ensure to have water, granola bars and cleaning supplies handy for moving day.
  • Pack a "First Night" box. 

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