Free Home Renovation and Repair Cost Estimate GuideFollowing are costs for renovating your Vancouver home in case you’re thinking of selling your home, or perhaps you just need to perform some overdue replacements and/or repairs.

Below are a few quick estimates - View the "Residential Construction & Remodeling Estimate Guide" for a full list of potential renovations and associated costs, along with the life expectancy of some components of your home.


  • Hardwood Floor Refinish - $3-$6 / sq. ft.
  • Carpet — clean - $125 / room
  • Ceramic Tile - $6-$11 / sq. ft.


  • Renovation - $7,500 +
  • Kitchen counter — laminate - $45 / lin. ft.
  • Kitchen counter — marble - $80 / lin. ft.

Security System

  • Alarm System - $2,500 Alarm
  • Monitoring - $35 / month


  • Pressure Treated - $15-$30 /sq. ft.
  • Custom Designed & Built - $55-$80 / sq. ft.


  • Skylight - $800 and up
  • Casement — replace - $50 / sq. ft.

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This home renovation guide and estimates are courtesy of Vancouver PillarToPost Home Inspectors and reflect the average basic costs for supplies and installation of building materials in the United States and Canada. Costs may vary depending on regions, upgrades, complexity, and disposal fees. If you're buying a home and looking for a home inspector, contact Vancouver PillarToPost Home Inspectors.